We have received several positive comments regarding our contributions to The Business Panel in the JEP. We hope you find this week’s article of interest.
Why should you use a Recruitment Agency to find a new job?
There are many advantages to using a recruitment agency to explore new career opportunities. The main reason is that recruiters have a large network of clients and contacts who are looking for staff and these positions may not be known to the wider market. Organisations will, quite often, choose to work exclusively with one or two agencies in order to secure the best available talent, so meeting with a reputable agent will enhance your chances of discovering these exciting roles.
A good recruitment agent will offer you a variety of tools which will strengthen your employability. These can include assistance in writing your CV, interview training and psychometric testing.
Some recruiters have previously worked in the specialist area you are looking to focus on, therefore their industry knowledge will be a great advantage when you are considering your various options. All the BES Consultants have worked within the offshore financial services industry, brining a wealth of experience and knowledge with them and thus demonstrating a real understanding of specific roles.
One myth that can sometimes stop individuals from speaking to an agency is the fear of cost. Recruitment agencies only receive payment from their client, the company which employs the candidate. Job seekers can benefit from an agent’s advice and extensive assistance absolutely free of charge – and they will hopefully find an exciting new job at the end of the process!